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If you need a Thai law firm the speak to the lawyers at GAM Legal Alliance. Their family law department will deal with issues such as getting divorced in Thailand as well as child custody and as well as child alimony. These do take time complete when there are disputes however there are many options such as mediation where possible. The process does not always need to be costly however some do opt for mediation to settle the disputes faster. DNA testing in Thailand has also become a major issues with the rise in child legitimation. If you can find the answer on this website then send GAM an email as listed below.

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Outside of needing a Thai law firm for family law issues there is also foreign immigration. You will needed assistance with a UK visa for a Thai while in Thailand as the visitor visa rates for denial can be high. The UK spouse visa and US fiancee visa can be difficult to obtain from Thailand and this is why it is always recommended to obtain legal assistance for these before you start the application process. The same goes for the Australian visa process. The Australian spouse visa as well as the Australian fiancee visa can be difficult to obtain. Speak to this Thai law firm for more advice.

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